A unique premium 禮品之選

While numerous companies are craving for unique gift ideas, a tailor-made board game can be a great gift for clients and business partners. Speaking of family board games, Monopoly is probably the most well-known. In bespoke versions of Monopoly, the theme colour can be customised, and many details, such as the Chance and Community Chest cards, can also be changed to suit the various marketing needs of clients. For further information, feel free to contact us.

想送上獨一無二的禮品給客戶及生意夥伴,但又不想hard sell,不妨考慮tailor made 的 board game,如要數最家喻戶曉要的桌上遊戲,大富翁應是名列前茅。Bespoke的大富翁,主題顏色可自訂,能改動的細節也很多,「買地」、「機會」、「公益福利」等等的內容都可以有獨特的版本,以配合市場推廣的需要。如有興趣訂製,歡迎與我們聯絡。

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