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Sensa Cools Lucky Draw 清熱酷 喜迎鼠年黃金賞

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Sensa Cools Chinese New Year Lucky Draw was completed successfully. We were honoured to help organising the event, which was a fruitful experience.

In this critical time, a safe and comfortable place was crucial for prize collection. Different from the usual practice, we implemented flow management measures and arranged for the winners to book a time so that no queuing occurred. Each winner would have a specific time slot to collect their prize. Feeling respected and relaxed in a seat, they gave their opinions on the product. We then reflected their valuable feedback to the main host.

The event has got more reach, boosted higher sales while budget was lowered. We have also helped the main host to effectively reach their target customers on social media platform, while also improving the brand image. A comprehensive report was given to the host as well for their future strategies.

「清熱酷 喜迎鼠年黃金賞」已完滿結束。很榮幸能夠協辦是次活動,這是一次寶貴的經驗。



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